Thursday, 10 May 2007

Snell's law with MIT

If you want an interesting lecture of Snell's law have a look of another MIT lecture
(click here for google video of the lecture) . And you will all understand what's happening to the rainbows... well you first need to know what is Snell's law.

Have fun.
I loved it.
42 degrees is now the angle to remember...

From MIT Physics Lecture: Electricity and Magnetism - 31 - Rainbows

Oct 2007:
Sorry for the broken links on the google video try this one (Search of MIT lecture)

MIT lecture video Electricity and Magnetism

MIT are advancing in the domain of education, offering the world high quality lecture.
(click here for)Lecture in Google Video Electricity and Magnetism is a good lecture for resonance and electromagnetism in general. Have a look, if you are interested in theory...

This is the Lecture 25: Driven LRC Circuits - Resonance - Metal Detectors From MIT

Thanks MIT